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The West Tee's

Our young designers created a dynamic t-shirt range, taking inspiration from the history of the Kings Road and the surrounding area and creating an inventive visual response. From the blue of RBKC to the birds eye view map of the borough to the iconic floral symbol of the trailblazing Mary Quant, these amazing t-shirts not only look fantastic but tell an amazing story of the area too.

All the t-shirts were exhibited at the Dress by West Exhibit between 19th and 21st of February 2020 and can be made available to buy via BagsforLove


Inspired by a trip to Chelsea Physic Garden, this work was inspired by replicating nature's likeness and collaborating it with photography, dyed in various shades of blue to pay homage to the colours of the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington.



The inspiration behind the repeated pattern of the spire circular shape was drawn from the dramatic changes that took place along the kings road from the rough edge look of the punk era to a more streamlined mordern look.



 I wanted to make it Kings Road tube because as a road, it's a true symbol of London along with the underground. And then with The telephone boxes caught up in it, it takes us out of the ordinary, capturing a subversion that was inspired by the Kings Road



My t-shirt design is inspired by a map of Kensington. I initially searched Kensington on Google and this map grabbed my attention. I noticed that it had an L shape which really interested me. L, of course, stands for London! I selected these colours as they are lively and reflects Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which is a vibrant place.



The inspiration for this t-shirt came from the idea of a wide disparity of lived experience within Kensington and Chelsea. Here I used a design based on a home security system and a quote from a borough street sign to adorn the t-shirt and provoke contemplation.


Chelsea Physic Garden

Our wonderful partners over at Chelsea Physic Garden, just around the corner from the famous Kings Road, provided some exciting and thought provoking sustainable fashion sessions, looking at cyanatope prints that provided inspirations for several of the t-shirts.

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