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Young Artists

39 young artists from West London and beyond, produced a series of truly dynamic and innovative creative outcomes across the 4 phases of the Birth of Cool. They developed skills that were taught by industry professionals in film-making, oral history recording, digital arts, fashion design, photography, performance, curating, creative blogging and digital branding. 

Each young artist brought there very own unique energy, perspective and skills; specialising in differing art forms, allowing for a diverse and collaborative creative process that when brought together delivered fantastic creative outcomes

Get in touch if you would like any of our young artists to work on a project for you

Featured Artists


 Shereen - Film-maker/Curator

I worked on various aspects of the making of two Birth of Cool documentaries. My work included filming, interviewing subjects and editing.

I also led on the curation of the Dress by West Exhibit and has a broad experience working in the Museum setting


I also volunteer, supporting young people in the making of their own films. I continue to develop her skills in various aspects of filmmaking. 

Ade option.jpg

Ade - Designer/Curator

I am Ade. I am an all around creative with a desire to pursue a career in fashion and design.

I am currently pursuing this in my studies and really want to challenge the conventions and push the boundaries with my visual style.

I am also skilled in photography and digital designs, with an acute eye for composition and colour.  

Aari - Film-maker/Designer

My name is Aari Volf Gustave or The Volfa. I’m  video editor and designer, who does commission on both of these places.


The styles I like is a very great range from steampunk to cyberpunk. They relate to the style because its your own person not held down by what people think.


A true showing of one’s self freed from what people think.


Graziela - Film-maker

My name is Graziela. In the future I would like to be a cinematographer and director because I absolutely love film as it is my passion. 

I would like to do those jobs because it is a great chance to express yourself and your creativity.

My desire is to create visually interesting work and tell unique stories. I am a visual person and I work well within collaboration with others

Ania Option.jpg

Ania - Designer/Film-maker

I’m Ania. I like designing stuff and creating visual art. I usually describe my style as relatable but interesting. Like looking at normal things in different ways.

I also like to take photos and be part of making films.


I am not sure where I want to take things in the future but I will keep exploring new things.


Jamie - Photographer/Film-maker

My name is Jamie. I love doing Art, Film and Photography.


The way that I express myself through my work is using bold colours to represent different emotions.


I am very driven and like to get things done like filming my own films and exploring new ideas to help improve my work and grow as an artist.

Adil - Actor/Writer

I am an actor and writer. I'm currently exploring my identity as a 1st gen Brit, and as a person of mixed heritage.  I feel like my life has been a film and that has come to my realisation the older I get.


The stories I have to tell and my experiences are so unique and I have a duty to tell them. Maybe my stories could inspire, awaken and touch those whose stories have never been told like mine.


Hyabel - Film-maker

Hyabel Head shot.jpg
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