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Dress by West

Inspired by the fashion and heritage of West London, 'Dress by West' is an exhibition celebrating the cultural contribution of West London and the young people continuing its revolution.


The work and designs showcased at the interactive exhibit staged at the Octavia Foundation store on the Brompton Road have all been made by aspiring young West Londoners whose designs have been created in homage to the design revolution of our fashion predecessors. Dress by West truly aspires to showcase exactly that; dress and clothing made by the emerging talent of young West London.

Suzie Zabrowska

The Dress by West young artists were mentored by dynamic creative Suzie Zabrowska, who has a breadth of experience in digital design and innovative curation. Suzie brought with her an in depth knowledge of fashion history and was able to facilitate the young people to create work that was a contemporary response to fashion and style history.

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