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The Birth of the Teenager

The concept of the teenager is a framework that in the UK was born out of the economic boom in the 1950's following the 2nd World War. It was the first time young people this century had the opportunity to explore their own identity, style and fashion, with the Kings Road the epicentre of this cultural revolution. 

This film is a culmination of 13 Young film-makers intensive research into this concept of the Teenager and it's association with identity, consumerism and political activitation. They brought their own unique voice and views onto this subject, casting an innovative take on what it means to be a teenager, capturing history through a modern gaze.

Woven Ink Studio

Woven Ink aim is to work with socially conscious and progressive organisations and individuals; sharing their stories in compelling and beautiful ways. The young team attended a series consultation sessions with the Woven Ink team to set them a brief which culminated in the 3 stunning animations.

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