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Punk Road

Living in a state of political unrest with the presence of Brexit and the growing tensions between class and race, 17 young artists researched the heritage of the famous Kings road. They were drawn to the birth of the Punk Movement that was in part born out of Vivienne Westwood's trailblazing store SEX that sat at the end of Kings Road .

In their investigation, they uncovered a heart that centred around creative rebellion that stood up against austerity, conformity and oppression. Considering this in relation to the current political climate, they found a story that they felt was important to tell, giving their unique perspective that looked at Punk with modern eyes.

Festival Selections

Official Selections

London Rocks Arts Festival 2020

Screen Power Film Festival 2020

New Indie London Film Festival 2020

The Lift-Off Sessions 2020

LA Punk Festival 2020

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