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Exhibit and Screening

508 Gallery Exhibit

Between the 29th of July 2021 and the 2nd of August 2021, the diverse range of work created throughout the project was on display as part of an interactive pop-up exhibit at the 508 Gallery along the Kings Road. Transporting visitors through the ages, interactive props and well curated spaces, all devised and planned by the young people brought the spirit between the 50's and 80's back to the Kings Road.

A total of 103 people visited the pop exhibit to escape in the wonderful creative work made by the young people, preserving the rich history of the area.

Everyman Chelsea Screening

On the 4th of August, all the video content created throughout the Birth of Cool project was screened at the new Everyman Cinema along the Kings Road. With 57 in attendance, it was a true celebration of the young people and they work they had created

Kirsty Amy Anne

Visual artist Kirsty Amy Anne worked with the young people to curate the dynamic exhibit on display at the 508 gallery. With a wealth of experience in visual arts and immersive exhibiting, Kirsty prides herself on being able to elevate others peoples works to be seen in a dynamic and engaging way.

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